A Fraternity for Life

Phi Delta Theta’s alumni clubs continue the “Fraternity for Life” experience by offering its members an association with the Fraternity after their undergraduate days have been completed. For 140+ years our clubs have served as an outlet for alumni activity, an asset to the community, and a benefit to Phi Delta Theta.

The first alumni chapter was organized in 1871 in Indianapolis. The 1872 General Convention decided that alumni clubs were impractical. However, the 1874 General Convention adopted a preamble and resolution declaring that such chapters would be beneficial to the Fraternity, and made a call to alumni to establish such an organization in their locality. The first official alumni chapter was organized in Franklin, Indiana by George Banta on November 7, 1876.  The title alumni club was designated by legislative action of the 1898 General Convention.

We hope that you are able to visit campus soon, meet the young men who comprise Indiana Iota, and interact with them. You’ll be “Proud to be a Phi!”

It’s a diverse group which led the Valpo fraternities in grade point average for the fall 2014 semester. We have multiple members who are very involved in student senate and other extracurricular activities. There are varsity letter winners in several different sports and campus leaders in community service. One brother spent the fall 2013 semester interning in the White House on President Obama’s Correspondence Team.

While the list of achievements and areas of service could go on and on, one of our goals is that the current Phis grow in understanding of and appreciation for the rich history and tradition of Indiana Iota. This is where you, as an alumnus, can play an important role.
There are numerous opportunities to volunteer. Some areas of service require more time, others less. Some are better filled by brothers within commuting distance of campus; for other positions location makes no difference. We welcome brothers representing a wide variety of ages, abilities, and interests.

If you have any interest – or if you just want to reconnect and reminisce – please contact one of the brothers shown below. We promise there will be no arm twisting applied. And please visit us on campus at every opportunity.

Nathan Hudecek (’22)                               Don Langhoff (‘67)
Alumni Chair                                             Alumni Relations Advisor
(815) 245-7859                                       (219) 307-2400
nathan.hudecek@valpo.edu                      don.langhoff@valpo.edu